Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find a Theater near me and buy tickets

Hello, many of you have asked about “Enough” playing in your city.

1. Many are now up and selling tickets. If you tried earlier and it didn’t work it may now. In some cases it might be Monday before they are available online

2. Then Click Here, and enter your zip code.

3. If the movie will be playing near your zip code, it will be listed with a 7:00 showtime. If you want to see more theaters, there is a sentence/link at the bottom that says “see more theater locations”. It will show every theater within 50 miles.

4. When you click tickets, it might say none available or can’t find a showtime.

Don’t despair. If a theater and showtime is listed, the film will be shown there at 7:00 May 9. If tickets aren’t available in advance, they will be available on May 9 online… or at the door. Arrive early!.

5. ATOM TICKETS: I had some weirdness on some I tested. Sometimes, it said none available and I had to go to the top of the page and choose May 9 (it had defaulted to today)

6. TICKET COST: We have no control of ticket pricing or other in-theater issues. Just like you, we have to go through the website to see where it is showing and how much it will cost. We are frustrated about the process but keep believing it will work out in the end

What if the movie does not show in my city May 9?

If the movie is definitely not showing near you, and If you have a church or group of churches who want to get together and bring it to your town, contact me (Kent) at Be sure to include your phone number and best time of day to reach you. The company we work with requires a minimum of 60 tickets purchased to book a local theater or Church auditorium.

Looking for information on Chonda’s Live tour schedule?

Click Here to view tour schedule

Who sings on the last song with Chonda and how can I get a copy of this performance?

Song: Mercy Saw Me
Chonda Pierce and Karyn Williams
This version available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon digital music, Spotify and others
Look for the one that says Mercy Saw Me Chonda Pierce (featuring Karyn Williams)

When does the DVD come out?

Fall 2017 (exact date to be announced)