About Chonda Pierce

Five time Emmy®-nominated and best-selling comedian Chonda Pierce or “the country comic” as Billboard Magazine dubbed her, has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades with her winning combination of fierce wit and southern charm. Pierce is fresh off an incredible 2-year run that included a hugely Successful tour, and the debut of her best-selling movie “Chonda Pierce: Laughing In The Dark,” to rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. On April 25, her new film, “Enough” opened on over 700 screens, and was the #2 film in the country.

A stand-up comedian, television hostess, author and now actress, Pierce has channeled her life experiences into positivity, bringing laughter to audiences around the country. As the RIAA’s best-selling female stand-up comedian, her hilarious take on life is easily relatable as she publicly opens up to her listeners about times of darkness and depression in her own life, drawing humor and good from every situation.

In addition to her accolades, Pierce is a frequent guest on famed “Grand Ole Opry” and has served as host of the Inspirational Country Music Awards and Christian Music Hall of Fame Awards and also co-hosted the GMA Dove Awards in 2012. She has also appeared on “Entertainment Tonight,” “The View,” “Fox News Channel,” “Wanda Sykes,” and her comedy is regularly featured on XM and Sirius satellite radio. Variety raved about her ability to draw audiences for an encore performance for “Chonda Pierce: Laughing in the Dark.” In addition to her 10 successful stand-up DVDs, she has also authored eight books, most recently “Laughing In The Dark” (Simon & Schuster/Howard)

Pierce got her start working at Opryland Theme Park in Nashville where she performed as “Grand Ole Opry” star Minnie Pearl. Pierce recalls being a terrible dancer and being told by her boss to “find a new talent.” In order to keep her job, she memorized three pages of jokes from Grinders Switch, TN and went on to impersonate Minnie Pearl for six years. While Pierce enjoyed singing and dancing, it was at this time that she truly fell in love with her craft. After deciding to pursue comedy fulltime, she recorded “Second Row, Piano Side,” a collection drawing material from her childhood growing up as the daughter of a preacher in South Carolina. Pierce’s material resonated with people from all walks of life, and she credits her southern upbringing both for her warped sense of humor and her solid roots.

Pierce received five Daytime Emmy® nominations for her work co-hosting talk show “Aspiring Women” on the Total Living Network and her first television special, “This Ain’t Prettyville!” on CMT (Country Music Television). She is ranked amongst Pollstar.com’s top-selling live performers as she performs for over 100,000 fans in sold-out shows across the US and Canada. Six of her DVD’s have been certified Platinum and 3 others certified Gold by the RIAA, the recording industry’s official sales tracking and awarding trade organization since 1952. https://www.riaa.com

In October 2015, Pierce took her humor to the big screen with her first film “Chonda Pierce: Laughing In The Dark,” based on her personal struggle to overcome depression. The film is a behind-the-scenes journal chronicling Pierce’s downward spiral dealing with the devastating loss of her mother, an estranged daughter and the tragedy of her husband’s battle with alcoholism and subsequent death, all over the course of three years. Yet she remarkably makes her way through the adversity, heart-wrenching loss and her own depression with the gift of humor! Pierce made the film in hopes it would serve as a vehicle to inspire others who may be hitting points of darkness and depression in their lives.

“Chonda Pierce: Laughing In The Dark” opened October 27, 2015 at 500 theaters throughout the country for a one-night special event and was so incredibly popular, it returned to nearly 800 theatres for an additional one-night encore showing. The film topped charts and competed with some of the year’s biggest films. The DVD, released April 2016, was the #1 best-selling documentary on Amazon for 6 weeks, and was in the top 10 sales of all “Movie & TV” DVDs on Amazon for four weeks. The best-seller also hit #1 on Amazon’s “Faith and Family” and “Family and Kids” charts.

In 2017, she was invited to perform at one of the Presidential Inaugural Balls and was named to the President’s Faith and Family advisory board. 2017 also marks the debut of her next film, “Enough” an exploration of the loneliness, pressure and unrealistic expectations women of every age put on themselves at home, in their career, and in their relationships. While that doesn’t sound like a feel-good movie, Chonda’s unique and comical observations and her real-life experiences will make for an uplifting, fun evening for close to 200,000 women in theaters across North America.

In addition to her comedic work, Pierce has used her success to help others, and in 2006 founded Branches Recovery Center, which offers counseling and treatment to those with depression, anxiety, addiction, regardless of their ability to pay. She has also raised several million dollars for international relief organizations Compassion International, World Vision, Food for the Hungry and Feed The Children.